4 Oct 2007

Korean love!!!

"Love is many a splendoured thing" someone had said.It is said that humans learnt to speak to woo woman back in history. So its all about love and love that people are here for,is it? Well life can be boring without a friend,family,lover or maybe another person who loves you back! Humans as it is said is a social animal,though the term social has been different from todays definition. It is this bonded love that binds a person to another and makes us feel happy and get going nature in life. It is but, for this instinct tat humans survive - to be recognized, accepted and loved by at least by someone of not all. This basic human needs imbibed in the genes have made me write todays blog on "Korean love" as perceived by me through a series of serials and movies. I may be wrong but its the way i see it.

In every Korean movie there is a heart breaking story that gives us a jolt in life and makes us wonder of the love one gets. You name any Korean movies, it will always have emotions attached to it even if it were not a romance movie and some science fiction movies too. The strong part is that they are very good in expressing the emotions, their feelings and modern thoughts with the rich culture imbibed in them. There are of course perverts who flirt and roam around and doesn't have a steady commitment with someone. Yet the fact is that sooner or later they realize it and that makes Korean movie great thing to watch.

Lets take an example of the movie "Classic". When the two lovers met after a long time in school somewhere in Korea they showed their intriguing want for each other and fall in love. Falling in love is not a big deal in movies but what comes later is the best part. when the guy leaves her just because his friend tried to commit suicide he did not think of her how she will feel and moved on with life. he got enlisted in the war and got himself blind. When he comes to meet her,he memorizes the location,each step and had placed a boat on the opposite table so as to let her perceive that he is not blind. But truth comes out and she comes to know of his blindness and he in order to make her life much more easier and happier rather than spend her life with a blind he lied that he is already married to someone and leaves the place. that ultimately led to the gals marriage with his friend .

What i am amazed to think and worry about is what about the girl he married after her (actress) marriage with his friend? i mean does not she have the right to have a better life if it was the way he thought about this actress? And what about the love they died with in their hearts for each other? How could he do such a thing and marry someone else for the sake of her happiness? Well friends, thats what i am talking about. Love is not all about gaining her or having her by your side. The only thing that will matter to you in true love (if ever it is ) is her happiness no matter in what form it be - departure, break up, sacrifice or anything that will make her happy and yet would not come o know that it was due to him that she is happy therwise that very life would be a burden to her.

In "Eggs and noodles" the child had some final stage cancer in kidney which needs to be donated by someone else he would not survive long. The child which, upon his father's ignorance and amazement dropped into his fathers home managed to stay along with him. Later the father come to realize that his mother had died of cancer and her last wish was to drop the child at his fathers place when the child's condition become worse as he would take care of him. As they get along and went for a vacation to drop off the kid to some distant place he realizes that he is his own son and began the human attachment and bondage. the most amazing part is the acceptance of the father that he is his son and loving him like there is no tomorrow.

What stole the show was the last part where the child is fine and he shows the name of the donor card to be his father? that is what i called human love . Anyone can beat that?


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