9 Oct 2007

Mapping Funny Memories

There are a lot of people whom i know, who opened their love life ferociously and then broke up within few years down the lane; there are some who did not speak up and kept the fire burning and made their dream girl a reality. At our age, we begin to think of our image and social status rather than those silly mistakes and infatuations that happened in our lives. Many have laid down their lives surrendering their future to God, believing in their parents wishes and thinking that "whatever happens,happens for good".

There have been many blunders in one's life which he comes to realize later.There have been many funny incidents which one would love to treasure no matter even if the person whom he shared it, is still with him or not. Some of the funny incidents have been writing letters in form of poems, running after the Luna,talking on the fone stammering, giving of letters etc and finding out of a fren who is after her. God knows what!! But those are the moments worth remembering...


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