6 Oct 2007

Manipur - The Jewel of India

Manipur, true to its sobriquet "Jewel of India" and "Switzerland of East" (by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru) is a land of wide blue yonder, laughing green hills, mystic mountains and a variety of flora and fauna. The centuries of tradition and culture provides some of the best dance, exotic handloom and handicrafts which are proclaimed worldwide. With acid of both natural and physical resources coupled with its pretty scenery and location bordering with Myanmar, Manipur is poised to be the gateway to south East Asia.


Manipur has ample space to accommodate any kind of business enterprise with an area of 22,327 sq Kms and with a pleasant climatic condition and pollution free environment. This is the ideal place to expand the business horizon. Although the economy is mostly of agri nature Manipur has several mini industries running successfully, taking advantage of its local abundant resources.


Manipur is richly endowed with various natural resources -water, forest, and minerals. The sub tropical to sub temperate climate and its distinct soil makes Manipur home to several agri as well as horticulture potential which are of rare nature to other parts of the world. for example Manipur has around 54 varieties of bamboo, the finest Pineapple, passion fruits, mushrooms and several other agro forest produce. More importantly Manipur has another great potential which will mobilize to move these resources to places i.e. its people.


Manipur has a population of 22,93,896 and 59.89% literacy rate (1991).

Though multi ethnicity and diversity is the very characteristics of Manipur, yet over the centuries it is a proven fact that Manipur has its abundance in terms of skilled, semi skilled to serve any enterprise as a solid workforce.


Manipur has the only floating wild life sanctuary in the world and largest fresh water lake in North east. Much has been said about Manipur’s tradition, art and culture and natural beauty. Come and see to find yourself amazed by the friendliness and hospitality of these beautiful people. Government efforts are on full swing to market this place effectively resulting in increased number of tourist figures over the years. in short opportunities are endless for your business expansion in the sector.


Manipur has a total road length of 7182 kms and the second largest airport in North East.

It is well connected with other states by all means of transport and communication- whether it is telecommunication, airways or roadways. Facilities are stringent to be at par with other states of India.

In terms of health care facilities Manipur has state of art infrastructures and expertise to take care of its people all the time. The vast network of distribution and existing production of both hydro and heavy fuel make power reach to every home in Manipur.


Manipur has a potential of producing 1654.50mw. With its vast untapped perennial streams and hydro power potential there is large scope for investment opportunities in the power sector. With this possibility power can go from Manipur to all over other states. Manipur also has vibrant information technology manpower potential. the networks of it institutes and ever increasing internet use, cyber cafes and proficiency in english are clear example of potential of it and it enabled services.


Not only Manipur holds the gifted natural and commercial interest, its unique location bordering Myanmar and strongly proposed south East Asia corridor also serve as a gateway to south East Asian markets. Looking at the map of Manipur you’ll find that Moreh is the only working border trade facility that India has with Myanmar.

Vast potential exists in leveraging this advantage for export. What you see at the volume of trade transaction is just a tip of iceberg. Come see for yourself how big is the iceberg. Further more India’s look east policy and new measures taken for advanced links with south East Asia provides export unit based in Manipur a competitive advantage due to proximity and natural resources. With its strategic advantage of being the gatewayto south east Asia, trade in business in Manipur is where the future is.

Directorate of commerce and industries, Manipur

Meisnam Bobo Meitei

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