29 Oct 2007

The Seventh sense - Love

From time immemorial, man have known to the five senses -touch,sight,taste,smell and sound. The sixth sense is something that comes from ones own conscience based on his knowledge and experiences in life.It is these senses that man count on in life to live and survive,in short the six senses of life forms. With the five former senses in every living beings,its the sixth one that differentiates an animal from a human being. In critical times,and in times of need it is this sixth sense that helps a man decide to survive in this jungle. Based on Darwin's "survival of the fittest" one has to learn to put a good use of these God gifted senses. In today's jungle in fact,the sixth sense helps a human being carry out impossible tasks for following the senses of the inner thoughts and prejudices. But the most important and most ignored sense in a person is Love.

In today's world of cut throat environment, one has to suppress another to survive in this jungle. Amidst these jungle,we have forgotten to live a simple life. Movies like "The Village" would portray the beauty of a simple life without hatred,enmity,killings,stealing etc. In fact the story in Ten Commandments in which a priest goes to a remote village,inhabited by local people who does not have any contact with the outside world to spread religion. He had to try hard to make them understand what religion is all about to the local people there.He made signs of the Almighty that made this world,gave food and animals and everything on this universe. Upon the end of the day he told the local people not to steal as it is a bad thing. The local people did not know what stealing was. So the priest had to teach them how to steal to make them not to steal.The big question here is - who is more civilized? The local people who did not know what stealing was or the priest who taught them to steal inorder to make them not to?

The first and the foremost feeling that a person feels about someone might perhaps be Love. It is that pure felling that has made people forget his personality and made them become one the other person would love.This transformation is critical in one's life and maybe he does not realize it himself in course of time. A simple touch,a simple smile or the slight utter of name on someones lips makes one yonder in dreams.It may be the only sense in humans that make the hormones go haywire,making the person feel nervous and nausea.There are no exact words to describe the love for a person..though with the help of the wisdom of human beings we describe them in a mere few words of language. Though language is not a barrier for love,it has become a spoken language with time and the sense soon forgotten in those cover of words. The true sense and real feeling have been defined in words of some language and left for others to think of it and imagine rather than feel the true sense of the hormonal flow.In fact it must have been very difficult for someone to come up while expressing ones love,and maybe thats why love has no language at all. It can be seen at the slightest action done in one's favour.

Love can be witnessed by at least a drop of fear from the agony of the heart. When the mind is wide open,only then one can give and receive love. It can be pure as ones heart and sweet as ones memory,and sparkling like a dew drop when it becomes intense.It has no language,no barriers,no framework .... nothing. Love comes from nowhere and ends in nowhere.Maybe its the only thing in this universe whose start or end is not known. Maybe hormones are made of love and affection;maybe i am crazy in my own way.But time will tell who is crazy when love befalls them.


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