12 Oct 2007

The Beggar (Poem series )

Met a beggar in train,"miserable" is less suited to describe him;
His torn clothes, his skinny figure;
All seemed to show his helplessness.
He sang a song, praising God,the almighty;
Not only the voice but his body was trembling as he sang.

Soulfully he sang the song,moulded my heart;
I closed my eyes on seeing him and wished to see him gone;
For i could not bear the sight.

I could not believe the trust he had in od;
He was miserable,yet his trust in worth praising;
People trust themselves more than God these days;
he trusted God more then himself.
The only thing I regret was that I could not help him by a single rupee.

N.B. Written on my journey to Delhi on Goa express on 21st October 2000,10:45 am


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