12 Oct 2007

The last question (Poem Series)

In the vast green meadow,what beauty beholds i cannot spell;
Surrounded by a rough fence,what greenery beholds i cannot tell.
Two old men sitting on the green field witnessed the beauty and talked about
olden days when they were a child.
Hark at them talking about their childhood.

Oh! I wish I were one of them whose eyes witnessed the
lazy sun rise over the barns nearby where a man was harvesting his field;
I wish I had his eyes to witness the two boatman rowing on the river aboard
a huge blue boat with children playing along the banks unknowingly;
His innocent gaze,his naughty eyes,his promising smile,his gentle laugh;

Oh! Oh! Where have the old men gone?
have they left the place or was it a dream,a vision?
A question left unanswered it would be forever.

N.B. Had fun dreaming of it pondering at the mighty baruni


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