15 Oct 2007

Fun with lottery scams

I received an unknown mail from someone telling me that i won one million dollars in lottery when i did not even purchase or know to be involved in one. I knew it is a scam as i have known it since a long time back when i was learning Ethical Hacking (in one of the renowned institutes in India for Hacking). So i thought i will have some fun and replied to it giving him the necessary details he needed to claim my prize (which is hypothetical). He replied me enthusiastically telling me two options to claim my prize. Below is the content of the mail.

With profound gratitude we congratulate you and it is my pleasure to inform you that we have two settlement centers where you will contact for settlement of your winning prize of US$1000,000,00 One Million Dollars.

They are namely:
1. Europe Affiliate Office (Spain).
2. African Regional Settlement Center (Nigeria).

The payment centers above are made for you to choose. If you choose the Europe Affiliate Office, You would pay all the cost of your travel, logistics and hotel accommodation. Their disparity ways of services in Spain would require you to travel to the centre at your own expense and also spend about 1 week in a hotel reservation of your choice. The reason is that you would have to be identified before the cheque or transfer is issued.

The payment centre in African Regional Settlement Center (Nigeria) will require your contact information and your identification so the fund would not be transferred to a wrong person.

Owing to the fact that the payment center is just a year and four months old, you do not need to travel down to Africa; all you need to do is to give them your banking account information where you want the fund to be transferred to. You have to choose from this settlement centers where you will like to receive your payment, and then I shall forward your information to the payment center of your choice for immediate initiation of your winning fund transfer. In receive of your reply with the required information we shall forward your certificate of winning to you while the original copy would be sent to your chosen payment center.

And blah blah blah...

So i wrote this mail below..
Dear Dr. Dumb,(Name changed)
I have my relatives in Spain and other parts of Europe. So it won't be a problem for me regarding my stay,thanks for the concern anyway. And i am scheduled to reach Spain in a matter of weeks time. Please let me know of the settlement address in Spain where i can collect the prize money after claiming my identity.
Please reply ASAP as i would be reaching in a weeks time.


So lets see what their reply is. If they try to act smart ill be one more step smarter and wont pose any problem in collecting the money from Europe. Actually what they want is that people go for option 2 and they will ask for some money for settling initially,taxes and all God knows what. Eventually you will realize that you have lost your money in the transit.
I am still waiting for his reply.Lets see what he says and ill update you guys again.

Continued from last post...
Well guess what? He never showed up.
Moral of the post: Don't trust such posts.Its a clear case of mail fraud and mail phissing.


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