26 Oct 2007

Manipur,my Hometown where are thou?

Its basically the mindset of today's generation to study outside Manipur and get a decent job somewhere. Even the parents advise us to get a job and not come back home unless necessary,because they know the hardships they have borne. Its nothing like lack of patriotism or love for hometown or something like that. If Manipur did not had millitancy problems,it would be the perfect heaven on earth! I fail to understand their minds -looting their own people in name of deriving "independence". I cannot figure out whose freedom they are talking about! Leave money squandering alone,many innocent lives have been jeopardized at the cost of the same freedom. Sometimes i feel suffocated living in Manipur and do not have any inclination o go back home,though the heart still beats for her.

After about 6 months i got this chance to go home and i really did not want to go home.Instead i wanted to go somewhere else like Chochin,Goa,Delhi,manali etc for a vacation. My friends fail to understand my character and calls me sick. From my viewpoint, its boring at home and take almost 4 days to reach home. So if i have 15 days vacation half of the vacation will be spent in train and whats the use!! Now all my friends are getting married and busy with their own lives. Its boring without a work or friends around.Even the thought of it makes me more dluted in my thought for going home. Yet i am going this diwali to have fun as many of my school mates whom i havent met for years are coming. I guess i would be having funa t home and have a small reunion too.

But after confirming my thoughts, a sudden gush of excitement hold me back for many moments that seemed to last like a lifetime! I suddenly remembered those old tared roads and simple life in Manipur. Every single road seems to call me to seek solace in each others embrace! The tress overladen with flowers welcome me with a colorful carpet of love and harmony. The very thought of going home suddenly made me feel nausea and obsessed about memories of past. I cannot understand myself how i suddenly changed!! Maybe i have only one answer in support of that;"home sweet home". Patriotism would be a dimension oriented feeling from the heart though none cares for the same.

Life in Manipur is like lotus in a garden.No matter if the pond dries out,the lotus still survives.


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