4 Oct 2007

The way Korean movies are!!

I was amazed by the way Korean movies are superb. There are numerous 5 second clips that means a lot in the movie and the whole story sometimes. If you miss a 5 sec clip sometimes you feel u missed the whole movie itself. I am sometimes amazed by the peculiar behaviors the actors an actress has? Maybe its normal for them to act that way and maybe the director had foreseen such a character and made him.her do that way. Its like Sunny Deol acting as a beggar or an old Grandfather ..sounds weird right? Like that though we may not remember the names and whereabouts of the Korean actors and actresses there is something peculiar acts about them that stand out.

For example, Jeon Ji Hyun in "Windstruck" was a daring policeman who did not fear death on her duty.She was harsh on criminals but warm and soft on her boyfriend. She was a caring gal to her BF yet a threat to law breakers. This combination is shown so beautifully in the movie...as she and her BF lie in bed with handcuffs separated by the beds when they mat for the first time.And when she beats the shit out of the naughty boys she met on the street when she was strolling with her BF. She was in her natural form and defended the law by beating black and blue those street crawlers. The interesting part is that after watching this movie you will have a feeling that she is daring,fearless and brave policeman .

Lets face the movie "My Sassy girl" by the same actress where she plays a heart broken girl which the guy comes to know at the ending part of the movie. It is a beautifully screened movie if you have ever watched it. It was the opening movie for my frens here in MBA to hook them on to Korean movies.They opened their account with this movie..so u think how wonderful this movie must have meant to them!! In this movie the actress acts as a very rough girl with no feelings..well at least a bit insensitive i can say! But on the other hand she kept the guy thinking if she is his GF or simply a good fren. Sometimes she flirts with him like a good fren and yet she beats the shit out of him sometimes. She would threaten him now and then for petty reason like not drinking coffee instead of beverages. The most interesting part here is the imagination of the JJH (Jeon Ji Hyun) when she writes the story to be published in a magazine. He knows that its a crap story and still he has to read it before her otherwise she would beat him up and get threatened for life...some sort of gangster eh!! And in her story she is always the hero and rescuing her hero..this has a vital role in the story.. i mean her bakwass stories even too has some meanings inside it (can you believe it?)

The whole movie is interesting in every second as it is a good combination of good laughter,excitement,sadness and sometimes love. The first half was very exciting and will keep the spectators glued to their seat as their relationship was mostly of friendship and not love.The interesting part is that the gal is daring to show her love while the guy is rather timid and shy kinda guy and the way JJH makes him show his love in her own way is amazing and hilarious. The last part of the movie is what makes it emotionally moved and drives people to stick on to the name and believe in love.The way she makes him go to the other top of the mountain and cries at the top of her voice to forgive her for breaking up with him. Believe me if you are watching Korean movies the prerequisites are water bottle,a big towel and of course time to watch in peace.

At the last scene when they meet together by fate again,they knew they will never part again. It could be seen in their eyes and their ways.But then i would say that this last scene is what love is all about...its by luck or by fate that they met at the end. His aunt was arranging a meet between this guy and JJH for a long time but he had been postponing it.And when they met at the last scene made me believe that no matter what..by luck,by fate or whatever you call it destiny..love comes back to where it belongs.

As the saying goes "let love go freely.It comes back its your,if it doesn't it was never yours".
So did they prove it in the last scene. Oh i feel like falling in love again after watching this movie.
Everyone wants to be loved,its just that they have priorities in life and have to choose between those priorities and love sometimes. Its hard to believe but most people choose those priorities rather than accepting love! Everyone has something or the other to tell and relate.
Keep watching Korean movies..if you like this movie you will also like the following movies:
"The Last present (awesome),Eggs and noodles (amazing), Classic (fabulous)" and many more to come. So keep watching and post comments on how you perceive it and how you feel.

Cheers to Korean movies!!

P.S. Hey i also watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies too.Its just that they are different kinds.Korean movies are different in their own ways.And i have the liberty to choose whats right for me.Its nothing like promoting Korean movies,its about choice.


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