12 Oct 2007

When I Die (Poem Series)

When I die, sing no sad songs for me;
For it will make me reminisce my childhood days.
Those glorious meadows where i used to fly kite all day long;
The broad river-bank where i would wander about singing
and shouting in joy;
The narrow brook where i used to swim and catch fishes;
Those soft sunsets,
Love and laughter,
painted rainbows,
delicate blossoms,
Quite moments and...


N.B. This is the first poem ever written by me back in class ten,inspired by a good fren of mine. the first line seem to have an implication. I am not sure but there may be a poem by the same name "when i die,sing no sad songs for me" as i heard those lines from someone and wrote on it thinking it to be a good opening line.


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