19 Oct 2007


The three things in any programming language one should be concerned of are Generalization, Optimization and specialization. I am not here to talk about any programming language but about my stay in I2IT especially our batch "MBAP-AIT September 2006."

The less we know about each other and we all came from different backgrounds,different cultures, ethics,religion and places all across the world. We had so many healthy arguments and fights in class regarding studies,classes and having fun. We had so many differences that wither down with each passing day. Perception,ideals, values and ethics formed initially about one another dissolved in no time. Class was initially not much fun until hard times like projects, assignments,presentations. Each one had different educational background and different viewpoints of life. though many were of technical background with maximum Engineers, followed by MSC,BSC etc in IT and few in Commerce. We had a good mix of experienced persons and freshers as well with certifications and good technical knowledge. Every day was a good day as we come to learn something new about the subject or a classmate.

We were all in the same stream of MBA and shared many en joyful moments together ,be it - trip to Kashedi,class trip to Nagaon beach and Murund fort, birthday parties, hanging our together, freshers party,class gossips and differences...etc
Be it good times or times of need,our batch is the best. I have had got many good friends with each passing day. They were there for me when i need help and vice versa. Even though i did not ask for anything they were there to help me out and care for me. Class has been interesting due to the strength and unity among the classmates though personal feelings may differ from what i state here. We learned so many aspects of Business as well as personal lives that enriched our knowledge database.
We had followed the stages of conflict in classroom - forming,storming,norming and adjourning.And maybe thats the best part of being in this batch of fun loving and enthusiastic graduates. Each day in class was a moment to treasure.

With the ending of the course, each one opted his/her choice of stream and departed from each others career objective. Maybe they call it career oriented goal,a step towards the attainment of their dream career and get a dream job. But sometimes i do wonder if it is worth it! People have different viewpoints and dreams and we strive hard to achieve those dreams which we have not slept over for. With the coming of specialization phase, we parted ways in our own formal way though it would have been nice altogether to have all in the same class. Some colleges have pre decided streams and institutes like SIBM emphasize on Marketing students only,SITM in Telecom Management etc.

Anyway i believe that its a sheer matter of choice when to specialize and when to emphasize. Alli know is that i feel a void inside me thinking of the friends i met and parting with them at the last moment. Though of same college, we have now different streams,different class, different views, different attitudes and gossips. Wish those days are back again..where we all would be having fun together. Well memories are to be made to treasure. With each new endeavor in life comes a new happiness and glory.With this hope, we live and love to stay ahead.
Cheer MBA September 2006 batch!!


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