7 Oct 2007

A perfect Sunday in Manipur

Its a Sunday of course..
i can tell it from the sun rising lazily over the barns.
the morning cock crows lately..
the dew drops slowly vaporising in the air..
the charismatic clouds making faces on me..
the hawker coming in with his bells ringing... trin trin
the morning sun blocked by the mighty baruni and slowly releasing its bright sunshine
the neighbor's radio playing the morning songs in sequel and that boring old music
the hand loom noises from a far away home..
the sounds from TV playing some Mahabharat, Ramayan or Chandrakanta
the wake up calls by papa downstairs to help him weed the garden
the breakfast warning fone calls by friends..to meet somewhere and smoke and plan the day
the aroma of mom making a wonderful fish curry
the noises of aunties and their children on fone discussing of having lunch over our house
the noise of children playing across the street
the noise of the passenger jeep passing by..carrying home-going passengers
the tolls of bell for aarti from the nearby bamon (Bramhins pray every morning and evening)

Oh had it not been a Sunday,would humans still love to venture into a dull Monday?

Courtesy: http://mike.brisgeek.com/images/Cartoons/RiseAgain.jpg


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