22 Oct 2007

Pizza Hut in Aundh

One of my upcoming favourite food hangout is Pizza Hut in Aundh,Pune. Basically its the nearest Pizza Hut from my hostel area and i don't wanna eat Domino's.I initially started going with a good fren of mine and had so many good times there. I met a guy from Ukhrul district of Manipur here Samuel and we exchanged hellos the following days. The location is nice with Crossword on the adjacent side and Kid's world on the other side. There is always an excitement in there when yo enter the Pizza Hut in Aundh. Maybe the though of Pizzas or the scent of them! Whatever it is,it makes me happy so i usually go there at least once or twice a week.
The main thing is that if you value for good food then it definitely is the right place to invest. Once or twice me and my fren skipped the idea of going Pizza Hut and went for dinner instead with the same amount of money to be spent in a nearby restaurant. Well thats about wise investment :)

One of the things i like is the sign board when we enter it saying "Only pizzas can smoke" with a steaming pizza in the picture. The lighting system is what makes me feel romantic about the place and sometimes maybe moody. Whatever it maybe,i usually come here for the taste and happy memories altogether. I prefer the taste and like the customer service,though sometimes i understand that sometimes due to overcrowded environment the service can be slow. But i like it as they generally give u a choice by telling you how much time they may take to make it.
The spices along with the red chilly powder works miracle for the taste buds. Had a great time today too when i went with a fren Arun. We clicked some fotos using the mirror in front of us and had lots of fun in the one hour of masti. After paying the bill we asked the waiter to click some fotos with the cartoon background too. Well boy,i wont forget this day. What fun we had.


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