21 Oct 2007

The Death of Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux etc. - Starts with an Instant Desktop environment

A new technology offers a preview into the uncertain future of Windows Vista and Windows 7 (Seven), but also Mac OS X and Linux. Splashtop is an Instant Desktop environment from DeviceVM, designed to sit on a layer between the hardware and the traditional operating system. But at the same time, Splashtop has the potential to make the client operating system obsolete. Currently, there is an intimate connection between Splashtop and the high-end Asus P5E3 Deluxe mainboard, as the Instant Desktop environment is integrated into the mainboard core logic. Just watch the video embedded at the bottom in order to get an idea of what Splashtop is really about...

(Courtesy: Softpedia.com: 10/11/07)


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