28 Oct 2007

Life is all about what you like most

When i see my working friends pull out money to pay for the dinner or lunch,i usually think of the day i would be earning and doing the same. I have seen so many working friends investing and buying things of their interest. I had this friends who loves music a lot and so when he got salary;out of nowhere he bought this DVD home system. I was wondering why he bought it out of the blues instead of paying the debts he had! And i realized that life is all about doing what one likes it to be. One wants to see what he wants to see,listen to what he wants to listen and do what wants to do. Now i believe that he must be having a good time listening to music and watching movies when he have spare time from his work and be happy about it!

Sometimes we buy things out of impulses and try to be happy with it.But sometimes this impulsive shopping can be a waste if you do not put a good use of it later in life.Its same for everyone i guess! When was the last time your head spinned when you saw a nice dress,electronic gadgets,or something of interest and long to buy it someday when you have time and money? Well everyone has some wishes in life to possess something that he wished long before. Maybe he had thought of it so many times to buy it without going into the details of the price,performance or quality. He just want to buy it to fulfill his long desired wish.Maybe a new product had come in its place much better yet when he is set to buy it,he will think twice to buy the later product because the former one had clicked his mind somewhere that made him come there to buy. You might be thinking i am talking about shopping impulsively and what it has to do with one's life! Well if you think again you will realize that its not the shopping that matters but the life he has had. Shopping or buying something to fulfill one's wishes is just one aspect of life doing what he believes to be the best for him,for his entertainment and recreation.

I believe that when one starts to work,he finds it hard to pull out a cheque unnecessarily and expects a corresponding ROI from that investment or expenditure.Maybe he has become more possessive about his money. But that is another aspect of life as he sees his hours,days and weeks of hard work in those salary. At the end,life is all about he believes it to be. He earns to support himself and his family and have a good time in the mean time.Everybody wants to have a dream job with figure salary and get the best out of his life. He instead of relishing the good time he have with the salary thinks of those hard work he put into to get that salary. In short he becomes frustrated in life thinking that he gets less and maybe he should have more relaxing job. Very few people understand their responsibility in life and argues with his work most of the time.Maybe he got into the wrong job profile or he doesn't enjoy his life at all.

Life has given us everything we need to survive and its the utmost responsibility of each one of us to take care of ourselves. Life is all about sharing and caring for your dear ones,its all that matters at the end of the day whether you believe it or not. Someone had truly quoted that "Religion is what a man does in solitude." Its not necessary that one be religious in life. Religion is all about ones beliefs and trust in life,without which one has no image of his own. Religion is not necessarily prevalent in a person but religiousness does. Its all about standing up for his beliefs and trusts in life and making upto it. Life can never be the same when you stand up for your dreams and beliefs in life rather than following someones.


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