28 Oct 2007

A lazy Sunday;should i call it a perfect one?

After a slight hangover from yesterday's Chicken Hakka Noodles i woke up with a slight tilt in head and got ready for the perfect another sunday. Tuned into some old songs by Bryan Adams,Scorpions,Bon Jovi etc and went for bath.Took a long shower except without the shower nozzle to keep me fresh the day ahead,with the music in background playing soft enough to dwindle the blues away. Soaked some old clothes into the bucket only to find its darkness drooping. Was feeling a bit weakness in my hands,maybe i worked hard !! I lied down in my bed listening to the music and thinking what if the people started playing cricket again and broke the window pane again only to get myself hurt! Closed my eyes and felt the gush of air from the fan above as i listened to the background music.

Caught an eye and did not realize when i fall asleep despite the knockings on the door. I woke up and put the music to rest and surrendered myself to a sweet slumber. Dreamt of angels and beautiful girls around that kept me asleep till i realize its too late to call it a day. Washed my face and went to Cafe for some food less i become more weaker. Met some frens on the table and ordered mine.. Chicken fried rice. There was this movie of James Bond showing on Star world in Hindi..Die Another Day. from the distance i was watching i could not distinguish it was hindi or English though from my knowledge of Star world i knew it was in Hindi only. So grabbed my food and digged into it with the two spoons i had in hand and grubbed it up with water.
The mess people told me they stopped giving on credit,to which i did not pay much attention and came to my room. Downloaded some movies from the file sharing software DC++ with thousands of movies,songs and other resources shared across the LAN.

I finally sat down and lighted a cigarette much to the amusement of the glistening laptop before me. I opened my mail boxes and deleted SPAMS and junk mails and said phew!!
Though it was not much of a day to call it off,i decided to jot it down here. Sundays are made to be imperfect i thought,to unwind all those done in the week and put a rest to all those that i had been doing and start something new or maybe resume something i had left midway in the week!
Well whatever it may be -perfect or imperfect Sunday i realize that Sundays are always boring unless you freak out,go out somewhere and have fun. Lying in one place would not do much help. Though the whole week maybe spent outside working or having fun,this one day could really tell your feelings about ur life. A sunday left unattended nicely could affect your next day!
Thats what i thought and decided to make the most of it ,if i cant go out or have fun interacting with others! Well so far so good,and now i am about to watch movies till dinner time. So see you folks on monday or maybe in evening when i have something unusual to relate about this imperfect sunday.


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