17 Oct 2007

For the love of the game

Had watched this movie, "a league of their own". Its based on a true story on how the first women baseball team came up to enter the hall of fame in US history. Its a nice story of how two sisters became rivals in their skills and how the elder sister who was one of the best in the game quit at the nick of time to make her sister a hero.

What makes me wonder thinking is that how much she must have loved her sister to quit the game to make her as famous as she was!! I could not imagine the love a person can have that she could sacrifice the game she played like she was made for it just for her sister. In all those years of getting old,did she ever missed the game,did not her heart jump in joy to see someone play on TV,or did she stopped watching play? So many questions aroused in my mind that had no answers yet left me with profound thoughts of human sacrifice and love that brought about it.
Her heart must have ached when she saw someone play! She might have missed it when she watch her kids play the game! She might also have missed to see her sister play the game and find solace in it! Maybe !! Maybe she was too engrossed in her own life that she did not have time to miss the game! Maybe she had children that made her feel right in her decision!
Some say "its just a game" but it matter to those who played it harder.

Maybe you won't understand what i have written here. Watch this movie and you'll realize what i have been babbling about.


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