1 Sep 2007

Microsoft Wndows Vista

Many people find it amusing and report to have best interface. But is it really worth it? One of the main reasons i didn't install vista is because it is basically a 64 bit Operating system and 64 bit applications are scarce (rather not made till now though some are compatible). I could say that the interface is nice but it is reported that almost everything has been copied from Apple's Mac version.The gadgets (In Apple it's called Widgets),the 3D games (like chess,only the background has been changed)..almost everything..yet Microsoft claims it to be ingenious!!

I found out that Vista can be installed as 32 bit application too though i haven't tried it out to prove its worth.Maybe it would be much better than XP in terms of interface and other things but looking at the memory that it curbs up,i won't go for it as of now.Many of my friends are asking me for tools to clean up registry,repair them,tune up their vista but i would say its not the tools,its the Vista that is giving problems. Maybe ill have to look into it in more detail and write again.

For now,its just a memory eating chunk of dump with no applications available except for some which had been extended for compatibility.


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