1 Sep 2007

My days in a hospital

I remember a short prose on "In Celebration of being alive",by late Dr. Christian Barnard which i studied in school days.In it,he author had written all the odds and bad things that happened in his life and at the end he realised the good part of his accounts.He said,"Sufferings ennobles a person." Well,i always remember these words whenever i feel the hardships of life and think it could not have been much worser than what had happened to Dr. Christian Barnard and move on in life. Thanks Doctor for those words,they gave me new life each time and the strength to endure the pain and hardships of life.

I had this backpain problem since i was a child due to hard labour and putting up heavy things being the eldest son in the family. am not complaining coz i did what i was suppose to do for the family. My pain started again on 24th August night and i could not even stand up but lie down in bed. In the morning of 25th August i managed to open the latch of the door sliding on the chair till the door as i could not stand up and walk upto it!! I was hospitalized for 5 days and treated in a private hospital in Pune against the diagnosed "slip disc".

As a child, i used to love going to hospital especially because it was a different scenario and not that i was enjoying the pain and shouts of patients but i somehow feel that i can see the real world out there.And when i was hospitalized i was happy to have all my friends and dear ones calling up one by one and helping me get better in some way or other.

I was given traction which were painful initially but it soon went away with the first morning and could walk. Whole day i watched TV in the room and gazed outside the sliding window beside the bed.I could see blue patches of the sky behind the entangling branches of the trees.It was a nice view i thought though maybe it seemed little unusual! I wondered and pondered watching the sky and remembered my childhood days,my school days and all those good times i had in life.Its true that a person remembers his good times in times of suffering and holds on to that though its hard to linger on with it! Life had been good to me still i thought it was quite an experience too.

Those five days in hospital taught me many things.Many friends called up asking for my updates and well being.My relatives and parent who finally came to know through some sources were calling me up now and then asking about my health and advising me what to do and what not. Life seemed suddenly to have been entwined among these relations and emotions. It was a nice feeling to know that people cared for me no matter how and what i had gone through with them earlier! Everyone liked to be cared,asked and loved i thought!

I had to inform other friends who relied on me for some work or the other about my health and they understood it well enough to have relieved me from the burden of any commitment whatsoever i had given them.It was indeed a relief for me too. I decided not to sit too long before laptop except when necessary. So i am cutting out on internet hours and online activity and stressing on resting and making myself better for the coming exams. One of the best part was mails from my friends who came to know about my illness later.They advised me,wished me good things and prayed for me. The school alumni members mailed me and wished a speedy recovery and it indeed was very nice of them. I was feeling to be in the family again.

No matter how those 5 days were spent,i could not forget how happy i felt;not for being ill but in knowing about peoples cares for me.As the saying goes,"with time people forget what they have been told,but they will never forget how they felt that time".


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