4 Dec 2007

A Food travelogue - Kareem's, Pune

I am not a "food service specialist" yet i love to travel near and far for good food. I continue my search on good food and today i went to Kareem's in Aundh, Pune. The entry was nice with a small sign of Kareem's written on it. They had managed to run the place in a small ground floor two room restaurant with some 9/10 tables of 4 chairs each. The reception counter was on the side as well as outside for a guard, with toilets outside. The gate is wonderfully crafted on huge wooden doors like old times. It was truly a feeling of Arabians. There was glass window on one side with curtains made of colourful strings and beads, where we sat. It was hot outside so made to on the AC as we looked at the list of foods. Its a little costly than the other restaurants but i was damn sure that i would be getting quality food so tried "ghost chaamp masala". It hardly took 5 minutes to get the food served steamingly hot. It had the most wonderful taste i had ever tried in mutton, there was a slight taste of tomato in it and amazingly tasty. The quantity however was small compared with others,despite the price.

We also ordered "shahi rogan gosh" with zeera rice later on. It was also amazing recipe..though i personally prefer the earlier one. The zeera rice was too good, smelt of pure ghee. The service was too good, theres always one person watching us - what we need and all. I was about to make another serving when the waiter came and served me, i did not had to worry about anything. I was not given the chance to call them and wait for some time like it generally does in other restaurants. Maybe there were few people thats why, but still there were only 9/10 tables and i think the service must be nice even if crowded.

The interiors were designed like a cave, and the ceiling looked like it was hand crafted. There were designed cloth hanging from the ceiling that made me feel a tinge of arabian camps. I also could see the kitchen through a glass window and it was really clean and nice. the cooks had dresses with white topped hats like professionals. It was really fun and an amazing experience at Kareem's. After the lunch, we were served "meetha pan" instead of the normal "soph" and it was really nice. I happen to go to the toilet outside which was also nice. the wash basin was made of a huge brass vessel and the taps were all brass. They had pressure flush, soap etc in the toilet and clean too. In short, its a very hygienic restaurant with style and culture of Arabs.

The outside space was also nicely utilized with a small counter for reception. There were nets above so that dried twigs and leaves wont fall overhead and there was 4/5 wooden seats made of tree trunks outside for waiting. The ambience is amazing..the food is wow..You should try it out once or while. At least me and my fren would prefer eating there instead of Pizza hut.


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