15 Dec 2007

Food travelogue - Saarja,Pune

Much was heard about this place of Lata Mangeskar but hardly got a chance to go until we finally tracked it down. Its a small nice restaurant cum bar.The entrance bears an elegant look with a wonderful ambiance. The ceiling were so nice, it really seemed like a mahal as someone had said. It was famous for non-veg so we tried out. It was amazingly tasty indeed. In many restaurants if you order two dishes you generally find that the gravy taste almost the same but ...sorry you will find nothing like that here. Each has got a different taste of its own and quite relishing.

Price is a bit higher than normal restaurant rates here. But its worth it. The service is also nice here and you wont be bored eating if you are a good food lover. Do take out some time and visit this place and relish the most tasty dishes of chicken & mutton.


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