15 Dec 2007

Food travelogue - Kasturi resorts,Pune

Its not famous for anything besides being a resort and a marriage hall. Well but how long could it hide the real taste of food that it savours! We have been going there almost everyday and we still dont find it bore to go there again and again. The service is very nice there and a waiter always caters your request. they wont let you lift a thing. The ambiance is nice though the public that comes there is a bit of low profile.Maybe thats why the prices are also ok.

We tried our first chicken tikka here and we liked it so much. It had a really different taste from other chicken we had tasted so far and yet so divine. it was lovely, in fact each of the non veg dishes are too good - worth mentioning. There is also no problem of dropping in anytime unlike Saarja which closes at 4pm and opens at 7pm again! well hats off to you guys for the overall good performance you have.


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