2 Dec 2007

Blogger's itch

For a blogger, staying online and yet not writing any blogs makes him crazy about everyday things. Sometimes it makes it so hard in life that he needs to shout somewhere or tell someone else. And where can be the best place to do so but the blogs, of course. I, like a dedicated blogger feel the itch in my fingertips when i do not blog for a day or too. Sometimes i do not have time for writing blogs yet i do make it sure that i can find a topic to write on and scrap it down on the Word so that i can post it later when i am online.

Its like being insomniac, you can't sleep without writing something which you feel about in life. It may be rubbish to someone yet meaningful to him. He can understand at what juncture of life he had went through when he read his own blogs much later on. t gives him a better perspective to know more about himself and with less introspection. Contemplation at a critical moment may be hard at times and differs with one's perspective of life. Well, for me ..all i know is that i am fulfilling my heart's desire to write something down for myself. I believe that other bloggers must also be feeling the same way i do and prove me right. Hope so!


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