26 Nov 2007

Cyborg and humans..or should i say Koreans?

I watched this new Korean movie i brought from home called " I am Cyborg but thats OK". Its basically a psycho movie that starts in a rehab center with all sorts of mad people. Its a story of a girl who thinks she is a cyborg and does not eat anything, thinking it will harm its circuitry. But there was this mad guy in the same hospital who made people believe that he can exchange the power with other people to make them happy!

With time this guy made the girl believe that he is a cyborg yet made her eat food saying he has fitted a circuit inside her that will digest human food. The beauty of the movie is how the girl which she believes herself to be a cyborg turns herself into a human being slowly with the guys trust. And slowly she realizes human love and affection and tends to turn normal human being.

Can you beat that? I mean a story like that? Its like that "Bicentinial man" starring Robin Williams, where a robot learn to have human emotions and dies as a human. Korean movies rock man!!


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