30 Nov 2007

Mama calling

I did watch the starry sky among the haze of the frosted window pane and told myself, it definitely was a night for movies. Being a movie freak i was watching movie in series - Hitman and Lucky you. Well i had few offers for online chat which i wasn't in mood for so wanted to watch movies despite the fact that i had L&T SAP Lab early morning. I did not look at the hour at the corner of the laptop nor did i stretch my hands to get the watch and carried on with what i felt was amusing. It was 4:30 A.M. in the morning when my sister caught me online and asked me a series of questions regarding my online activity at that unearthly hour!. I said i was watching movie and soon will retire to bed. Mom called me the next instant and i knew i was done for!

Soon a series of instructions and advices followed to which i was not in the mood for. I agreed to her for i knew it was really late for a person to be awake without any good reason. Well i guess watching movie needs a good reason to be awake at that hour, which i absolutely don't agree to. I was not in the mood to argue and so hung up the fone saying m sleeping and switched off the lights and put the laptop on hibernation. I thought for a while in the twilight of the early wee hours if it really was worth staying awake? When mom called me i felt like she would want me to come back home and support the family. Well maybe not like that exactly but yeah at some point of time, i thought it was it. Then i finally closed my eyes and got myself lost in my dreams of home far far away...where the stars have already left for the dawn.


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