14 Nov 2007

The other side of Horizon (Part 2)

15th nov; 8.50 pm

When I stare down from the plane above, everything looks the same! There is no Manipur, no Nagaland or whatever land it is. I cannot even see the demarcations marked by people claiming to be their state or district. Yet there are demarcations in our lives that separate each of us into states, districts, streets etc. But from above, the whole earth seems to be my homeland..my only home. Maybe that’s why God sees us all equally likely. Maybe that’s the difference between God and us! The whole of North East has been lacking from the rest of the world and yet alienated by rest of India. “Sana leipak” or “Land of jewels” it is called by the people residing in Manipur. I would love to make it worth the name, yet find it strange enough to accept it even though it pains me rejecting the same.

To add to its agony, its people are looting its own people for their selfish ends. From a clerk to politicians, all love the green and they can get their hands dirty enough to get the maximum benefit out of it. The UGs run almost a parallel government by their own rules and ethics, unfamiliar and unfavorable to the common people. Yet people have remained quiet till now as everyone fears death, which is the only certain thing in this place. Look at every department in the state, the funds allotted for any project is underutilized and the dividends goes to the UG, politicians as well as the officers concerned. It has become a part and parcel of a Manipur’s lifestyle. There are few honest and sincere persons left in this whole system yet its difficult for them to survive and make a stand of their own. Its like everyone dirtying the river by taking bath in it, they know its dirty yet they still bath in it and make themselves dirty in it. The whole system is paralyzed with fear, anxiety, depression and sufferings. A person works day and night to get his family a decent food and life, yet some people earn easy money and rise up fast. We have to be in the system to change the system.

That’s the sad thing about this place. Those who are suppressed seem to like it and those who suppress enjoy doing it. The saddest part is that those who are in a position to help others who are being suppressed and give a helping hand are also just sitting and watching the show. Isn’t it high time we give our today for a better tomorrow! It takes a second to be selfish but it takes a lot of courage and determination to be a person you dreamt of in life. Are you supposed to give away your dreams just for the thought that there are hindrances in life? Aren’t you supposed to fight for your freedom and struggle to achieve it? Maybe the people have forgotten the meaning of freedom as in real freedom. Every citizen has the right to freedom, but maybe people are so used to being suppressed that they won’t raise a hand against the existing system! Maybe they have to worry for himself rather than the society? Its such a narrow mindedness that would lead to your own downfall if not today.

I am writing this blog burning the midnight oil, lost in my own thoughts. Somewhere someone is not able to sleep; he has just lost his parents in a terrible accident. What does it matter to the rest of the people whether I am awake writing blogs or someone is awake because of the pain and sufferings? To live in a free society, one has to care for such things in and around him. People in this state are ready to burn their extra calorie for the sake of few hundred rupees today. People are ready to die for few rupees more. The smiles that you see in their faces are not of happiness but a persuasion for others to be happy despite their own struggles in life. The innocent people here are ready to sell out their trade for the cost of their freedom. After all its what man is all after about at the end of the day. A hell lot of engineers and doctors, forget the graduates or masters, are lying idle, as if they have surrendered their weapon before the war. The law of jungle applies everywhere, so does the Darwin’s theory – “survival of the fittest”. There has not been an order in life that would make the lives of common man a cordial one! Many die of hunger and thirst everyday in the sun and rain, what makes the difference is the will to struggle. Life can bring you odds and evens I life, which comes with a probability and priority.

In the shade of light, my own shadow makes fun of me for these thoughts that I have instilled in me. Call me insane, or a fake but what if my thoughts come true! There is enough light on the other side of life that would enlighten others lives as well, what it needs is just a voice to ignite it. Life still goes on like the flowing river, no matter how shallow the river be it still flows in the same direction. The chilly winter breeze woke me up gently with its gentle touch shaking me with a jolt. Love is a disease of the heart, which spreads slowly and steadily.

The morning sun rays beamed on my face as if some commandos have flashed their high power torch on my face in the dark, and i looked around my perimeter frozen like an innocent citizen! It took me 5 seconds to realize that i was at my bed in Imphal,breaking the 5 second silence. I looked at my "still asleep mobile" and woke it up to see the time,only to realize that its 5 in the morning!! I yelled at myself "Shit!! WTF it's only 5 in the morning !" as if i have never seen 5 in the morning in my life. I reckoned of the plans for the day,ignoring the shouts of aunty to her naughty daughter downstairs. Suddenly an alarming wakeup call from aunty shook the plans and i had to shout back that i am already up -rise and shine. Descended from my throne and searched for my golden slippers with dreamy eyes; yawned as if i have risen from the dead and ransacked the luggage for my toothbrush and went on with the rest of the day.

N.B. Somone tipped me to write short and effectively. Will try that next time


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