8 Nov 2007

Manipur roads

I am here at Imphal and have been quite unhappy for one reason,the roads. I cannot even overtake when i need to go in hurry because of that. Can you believe it? Half of the road is submerged and have craters all over while some roads have a long dusty path. The road from Khongnang ani karak to Chingmeirong is so dusty i have to close one eye and drive.

Compare this with the general road i had just experienced a few days back in Delhi. well i know its beyond comparison ..Delhi and Imphal . Yeah but the one above is National Highway 53 while the road which is shown below is just a normal road in Delhi.

What a pethetic National Highway. What are the authorities doing? National highway is a concern of the National Highway and Road Develeopment authorities. Are they listening?


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