26 Nov 2007

Exams and enjoyment !!

Maybe you won't believe me if i say that tomorrow is my Mid-term paper on Entrepreneurship and i spent my time watching movies and having fun. In fact in the evening i got the handout from a friend and went to take xerox. I got the xerox but midway, somewhere i got lost...in fact a friend and me and we sat for some drinks. The first quater ran to second and second to third until we finally gave up saying we have to study also.

Came back to room and finished the other quater that we brought. And i sat down for finishing the rest of the movie that i started. And now i don't think that its a good idea to sit up straight and study for tomorrows exam at 3am in the morning!! I mean thats not sensible enough of me to make such a gesture that people wont approve of!!

Thinking of my odd behavior why i did not study, i stumbled upon my engineering habits which i suppose every engineer knows ! But the real reason is something i really don't know of! maybe i am not in the right mood to study!! Maybe its too hard for me, or maybe the subject is irrelevant. Whatever it may be, the reason is obvious - i don't want to study!! But maybe if it were a technical subject,maybe i would have studied even after the drinks and obviously that would have made me awake the whole night too. Life seems boring nowadays, dunno why! Someone suggest me what to do? A fren of mine has two subjects each everyday, not sparingly Sundays even? "My Gosh!!" i said to her. We have exams tomorrow and we are drinking..thats what i told her.

Well really it seems that my life has been that way. Hard times comes suddenly and yet i prefer to stay with good times always. Good times rock man. Cheers!!


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