27 Nov 2007

Following the heart

Humans are born innocent and fragile. It's nature that makes us impure with time. I still remember a small girl child selling a special kind of grass used for Durga Puja on the roadside of Satara ( the place where i did my Engineering). Her clothes were tattered and seemed like she needs love and care. innocent she was, sweet was her nature. I was walking along the streets with my friends as we past her. I stopped for a moment to see her as she tried to sell the grass to me. I wished to buy a small bundle of grass just to make her happy or smile. But i thought my friends will laugh at me and i did not buy it. We walked away from her and i kept thinking of her..id she had met any buyers or not. Its been so many years now, yet i remember how she looked at me with such innocence. After all this years, i regret of not buying the grass from her. At least i won't be remembering her today if i did!

Even today,when i see many small children begging on the roads i wish to stop by and talk to them and make them smile. But it would really seem stupid doing so. My heart weeps to see elders begging on the roads, i wish i could make them happy a bit by donating something. But i know that it isn't the solution and maybe i knew that it would make me see as affectionate and emotional bastard. Sometimes i really plunge my hands into the pockets to reach out for some coins and then stop mid way..maybe i wish to see them happy yet not ready to accept the sneers and stares of people!

We as humans have worn so many masks in our lives that we find it hard to sometimes follow our hearts wishes. I do agree that sometimes the heart wants me to do stupid and absolute things. But was it worth not doing my hearts wishes? Will we not be happy doing something we wished really from heart? Where are we going, wheres the world going to?


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