29 Nov 2007

The "Good Food" drive - a weeks fun ride!

27th November

It was my room mate's birthday and our circle of friends had assembled at my room contributing money for cake. It was just 8 of us and others were not to be invited so we thought we will cut the cake in the room only..then as time flew we and contribution increased we decided that we have a party and the contri money be used for food while Deepak (my roomie) will provide drinks. We brought the drinks and head for "Master Cook" in nearby place (Hinjewadi) and parked our 6 tyre vehicle (3 bikes hehe). Shoot some pictures there and had hell lot of fun there. Service was really bad thought the food was OK. Two full seemed less and we went to buy another one. All was overflowing with the rhythm of drinks and we had a great time. Returned our asses back to our rooms and slept.

28th November

We woke up very late due to the hangover and all i could feel was the head churning along the mortar of time. We were neither feeling hungry nor feeling any sense of doing anything at all. the whole day seem to have been wasted with that feeling. The taste buds were making funny senses and so Saxena and me decided to head for "Blue Nile" in Camp area to which Deepak denied. So we end up at a local, familiar bar cum restaurant "Saundarya" and had chicken handi. It had a horrible taste unlike other days, its chicken is good otherwise. That was the end of the party.

29th November

Saxena and me decided that we will head for KFC in the morning. Our "food journey" has always been interesting one. After giving exams we headed for KFC in camp area and had fun there. We ordered one chicken basket and had our fill to the neck. Then shoot some pics there and went to MG Road for a walk. Went to Planet M for passes for tomorrows "Rock Concert" but in vain. Went to ESquare multiplex and had some fun. We clicked ourselves a group sketch at Esquare.It was really fun. Wanted to watch a movie but the timings were bad so we returned back. On the way we stopped for some coffee at Cafe Cofee Day and had two Cappuccino. It was really a great day.
(Sketch of Saxena and me)

3oth November plan.

Saxena and me headed for Blue Nile in Camp area after the class and had fun with the chicken varieties we had. Then we headed for Koregaon Park and witnessed the Rock Fest, loitered around Adlabs and returned to CCD in Baner. We had no space to fill in our stomach and got tired as well so we returned back to room.

It was indeed a fun ride cum "good food" journey. Catch you next time after exams...where i will take you to more famous restaurants and food joints in Pune. Next time may be George in Camp, Mahesh lunch home in Camp, Bamboo house in JM road, Punjabi rasoi in Koregaon Park or something else. Keep looking for a fun ride with me in Pune ;)


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