8 Nov 2007

Guest at my own home

How will you feel if you have been alienated from your own home? Where will you turn up,to whom will u ask help? In times of need,the close ones are there to help but for how long,thats the question!! Life in Imphal,my own hometown excites me when i am about to leave for it. But the moment i enter the Red line,it seems a different life here. There actually is something about Manipur that drives me crazy.Who would not be excited to go back home and seek a peaceful vacation?

Theres no doubt in saying that i am not at all excited anymore to go back home thinking of all the inconveniences i would be bearing at home. Infrastructure,facilities,richness are few things which is of not much concern at this juncture of life in Imphal. I may complain of bad roads or electricity but what triggers one most at times of solace is the environment in which he lives! Imagine living in fear every day..waking up every morning with the fear of UG knocking on the door,fear of driving on the rods less someone shoots me down out of suspicion,fear of listening to hindi music loudly,fear of highway patrols,fear of frisking on roads... How can a person who comes home for some peace and happiness find real happiness in such a situation? Everyday seems to be just another day,a normal day ...full of fear. How can the minds of younger generations grow and think good of the society when the environment is worse and life becomes worser with each passing day?

Today my friend who stayed in Imphal for years told me the real life situations of his friends that shook me to the roots.His friends does not have any money to give his wife for a traditional festival,where daughters/married sisters are invited by parents or brothers for a feast together. His friend did not have enough money even to buy some sweets for his wife to take them to her parents home and so he wanted to give his bike on mortage for the money! Some have stopped their daily work due to some family problems..some has his child suffering from jaundice and has to pay everyday for stay of his wife in hospital despite the poverty that prevails. Life seems to be a big injustice on their part.They may be cursing their parents why they were born ..to see that day in life. Life can be harsh to someone i did not forsee.I mean i have seen in movies but in real life,when you face such circumstances you fell like froze to hear them out.

But there is a silver lining in every dark cloud. After the rain comes the sunshine. Nothing is lost at all. We can start afresh and do our part,contribute thoughts if not monetarily.Motivate people and show some path to those who have never troddden the way,if that's all you got to give. With rising unemployment and poverty in he state,what we can do is contribute some money we have in voluntary organizations which teach or coach people to speak well. Language will be the first barrier that comes through ones job profile. First they learn how to speak and write English or Hindi well or both and then apply for jobs accordingly..say class X passouts or drop outs can apply in retail sectors and graduates in BPO. BPOs are not bad as one things when it comes to money,though thw work culture can be drastic for newbies.

It's better to work and stay in some other state outside Manipur than stay as a guest in his own state,don't you think so? My idea is not to provoke the young mids to move out of Manipur,but to give channels or show path that there can be other options to live better life and be happy. Everyone deserves a better life,at least much better than this life here in Manipur. The value of freedom can be known to those only who have experienced oppression and injustice in life. That does not entitle that i have been deprived of justice or something like that, i am talking about people in general terms. So friends,lets do our part in life. Study hard,work hard and try to help others who could not make a difference.


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