25 Nov 2007

Respect for Engineers

When i walked down the plane in Mumbai airport,i had this water bottle in my hand. I gobbled it up as i waited for the bus to transport us to the main aerodrome. Unable to dispose off at the runway, i asked a person sitting on the plane's thick tyres where i can dispose it off? He looked sad and shouted enough to make me hear despite the noise of the engine nearby. I could not hear the first time and he shouted again, " i am an engineer"! I said "oops " and walked away taking the bottle with me.

Later i realized that it was a wrong thing, i should have apologized to him. At least an engineer should understand an engineer, no matter what field he may be in! He might have thought that i have taken him for some ground maintenance people or something like that. But i liked the way he kept his low profile yet claiming to be an engineer :)
I respect you dude, whatever your name is!


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