15 Aug 2007

1720 Error- Hard drive detects Imminent Failure!!!

The first thing that irritates you when you switch on the computer is the display of an error.And imagine if the error comes even before loading the drives? It happened with me today while i was away to get a cup of coffee and was downloading software driver updates for my laptop . I was shocked to see the error "1720-SM.A.R.T. - Hard Drive detects Imminent Failure. Please backup the contents of the hard drive and run HDD self test in F10 setup." When i ran the HDD test in BIOS,it could not detect the hard drive at all and the test was a failure!! I was shocked as to why in middle of nowhere??
without any signs of defect,any signs of failure before and so suddenly?? The worst part is that my project datelines are coming to an end and have to work on them soon. So what i did was trying to re install Windows XP,but it could not even detect the HDD. I tried with Ubuntu and it worked so i installed it after some trial of Windows installation.

The worst part is that in a hurry and desperation,i clicked the custom made installation and it wiped out the contents of my HDD!!! Woahhh i shouted in disgust only to find the files wiped out!! I looked at the dumb bastard who did this without even warning me. Alas i thought i am done for now. So i installed the Ubuntu and tried to install other softwares but in vain,i don't now much about linux too!! So what do i do now? I searched every nook and corner of the web like a spider and read forums after forum,documentations after documentations and tried again and again but in vain. Even the speed of network was slower and hence could not download in peace. I didn't know what to do so went to look for the error code and come to know that it was due to the Firmware driver of the hard disk that have become outdated.There were some posts which said there is a file in Microsoft which can heal that but i was too disappointed that i dint bother to look for it. However i found out the hard disk details and downloaded the latest firmware support. Now the problem is how do in install an exe file in Ubuntu?

Microsoft is such a bullshit Operating System!! They copied everything from Mac and produced Vista..And there is flaw in everything they make. Now all i can do is wait till dawn and hand over to the customer care. for that i had a chat session with the customer online technician and he told me to call up the telephone suport in India and gave me the number and said bye. Well all i can say at this moment is

"Happy Independence Day". Screwed myself on this very day eh!!

Hope it gets better!!!


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