14 Aug 2007

My experience at Landmark Bookstore ,Pune

To be true,i would not have known the name of "Landmark" had it not been for my assignment on the same. We, a team of four people were supposed to find out the logic flows and supply chain management of Landmark situated in East street in Pune. Before going to the store, i had done some remarkable researches so that i could be familiar with the store when i pay a visit. It was basically originated from Chennai as a large store in Spencer's plaza. And one of the most remarkable discovery was that it had tied up with Sify.com for its e-business and customer care support was also given via chat or phone. But there were only 2/3 pages on Landmark,rest of them were from Sify.com so just searched on and on till exhausted.

I had known Crossword since its first inauguration in Pune at DP Road in Pune. So i am familiar with it and find it nice and c0sy environment for searching good books. Well i admit that i don't buy much books but yeah i do love to take a stroll and read contents and decide which would be better book...as if i am there to write a book review. The newly setup Crossword at Senapati Bapat road is amazing..with a good database of books and a good environment ,where i can sit down and read for some time.

Well the Landmark experience was quite different..as we went in,we inquired the guard where we can find the manager to talk about the assignment. He took about 15 minutes to run here and there on the pretext of other works,besides keeping his customers waiting. Finally upon asking again he nodded his head in dismay as if he forgot it due to his busy schedule !! and led us to the manager. She was in her late 30s sitting on a chair as she was billing other customers. I burped out "Ma'am we are from this institute,we are doing an assignment on Landmark and would like your assistance". She interrupted us midway saying "oh we don't allow small time projects or whatever". My heart sunk, what more could i say???

Then we said ok ma'am,and walked away from her counter after taking her name and contact no. We strolled about the hallway and all we could find was CDs and DVDs.. We scaled the stairs and went to the library section. It was amazing collection of books so nicely categorized and maintained. I was happy to see the well maintained library. The most amazing part is that it had technical books as well as text books prescribed by Schools and colleges. I never found educational books pertaining to the college recoomendations in Crossword to the extent where Landmark stands. More particularly i found so many technical subkect books which is rare in Crossword and other bookstores. The only problem i found about it was that there was less space and had few seats to sit and read.It had a small flor area. Maybe to keep the customers thinking that the place is full of books !! One more uneasiness was that in a bokstore library they were running music..not just instrumental but songs..i belive bookstores should be quiet or at least play soft instrumental music. moreover it seemed as if the books were just piled up for sale and not taking into consideration for book lovers..where one can come and sit down and have space to read!!

After spending some time with the books standing, we went downstairs to see the stationery. Nothing in particular was available except some tiffin boxes,file folders,clips etc So we walked out and returned back home. We had learnt one thing in our Management institute, that customer satisfaction is very necessary for business. Yet my experience in landmark was though nice regarding the collections,overall id dint find the zeal to g back and search for book. There were few seats available,music was a nuisance,little space to walk around,congested and not to forget not customer friendly. The watchmen there doesn't know anything about books,there were just there to watch if anyone steals or not. There should be a person who has good knowledge of books and can recommend what he should read and he would prefer rather than sneering at customers what they are doing.


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