21 Aug 2007

Conflict of NIT issue in Manipur


After the central Government's decision to launch a new IIM in Shillong,they have decided to cope up with the technological changes in the North East with a new NIT (NAtional INstitute of Technology). For those who don't know, NIT is an equivalent of IIT's in other parts of India. Formerly it was called REC (Regional Engineering College) which is basically one of the best Technological institutes of India located at different regions. Silchar REC is one of the oldest REC n India located in the North Eastern region. After that ,Center had decided to launch a new one at Manipur.

Despite this great news,which is a boon for the North Eastern population there has been conflicts regarding the location of NIT.There has been many a time conflicts on the location of new facilities coming up. Long ago,there was this issue of locating the new facilities of a well equipped Hospital to be developed. But the local peoples have always argued on the land,location,price and so on. I don't really understand the need for such a conflict at all!!
If it is not built on the particular location decided by the local Government,it would be built somewhere else.Maybe the people should understand the importance of such facilities being set up. Why do they have to protest all the time and argue all the time?

They should understand that if NIT comes in NE,it will be a boon for us. People die to get admitted to such institutes,and how dare the people deny the respect of such an honor? More people will come to NE from different states to study,more globalized and organized it will be. But there has been always some fears attached to it! How in the living environment of Manipur will the students adjust and how will they study? One should accept that it's really different environment out there. The review given in Kanglaonline regarding the location at Tamenglong was justified to some extent that the institute will have some peace. His idea about 24*365 functional was tremendous and hopeful but we cant really say as for now. We'll have to really wait for the decision of the location first.

Given the location,there will be lots of hustle and bustle regarding the construction contract and so on..bit by bit. I wonder if it will withstand the rising demands and expectations of the people!!
Will it be functioning normally as other NIT's in rest of the country or will it have different effect altogether? What about the resources that will provide the NIT status-like 24 hours electricity and water,high speed net connections,computers in every room,a vast library database etc I don't know if the local people are aware of these facilities to be provided in NIT!! Would it be a complete failure after launch? Will it be successful in future? Lets pray and hope for the best.


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