22 Aug 2007

A page in my life,taken from diary.

(This is a page from my dairy,which i have stopped writing long ago.I remember those awful nights that i use to have when i forgot to write my diary.Those were the days when i could not help hide my feelings and control my sentiment..a child i was!)

Dated 27th May 2006

Dearest Dairy,
I was pondering over a cup of tea,watching the rains and suddenly i just realized that i have turned some of my dearest families into foes.No matter how much clarification i give,i'll always be taken wrongly with time! I smiled,not in satisfaction but because i had no other gestures left upon my silly life which i have turned into.

My little brother and cousin brother are going today for their place of study. I feel a void inside me,as if my family is incomplete. A sense of gratitude soon ran through my nerves for giving me such a nice and happy family. For no matter what i am,what i do,they will always believe in the best in me.

Some say there is not turning back in life.Bt golden memories would have turned brown and dusty f not reminisced.Maybe there will be a time in near future where i can recall or relate them and relish it's true nature. Till then,i would prefer to live in the present,no matter in what condition i am.



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