22 Aug 2007

The Boondocks Virus

(Written somewhere in time,pondering over the Mighty Barauni hill before me in Imphal)

One of the most common computer virus of this era is the boondocks virus. The word ‘boondocks’ mean wild, rough country or wasteland. It spreads so fast that next time you use a pen drive; you need to check first if its there and have to undergo the pain it takes to remove it. The infected file or folder replicates itself when opened and disables/hides the “folder option” in ‘tools’ directory of the window, where you can configure the nature of mouse clicks, the viewing of folders and other settings. The idea is that it will close all path for its removal once infected and multiply itself to such a rate that the system slows down. Even if you try to install an antivirus program, it will start restarting and 'won’t let u do it. It ultimately leads you to a dump rather than a computer.

The condition of life in Manipur is similar to that of the virus infected computer. It is an outbreak of virus and it will take a lot of pain to remove it. All have become numb in the epidemic and they could not see the near future; neither the cause nor the remedy. The way this epidemic has spread into Manipur, the same way will it be cured with time and reason. It spread so fast into the younger generations today that every child or unemployed youth want to go the easy way. If that was the solution, we would not have been in such a mess as we are in now. Snatching people’s rightful money is not the solution, though it may fulfill some of the basic needs of family and life.

I am not pointing fingers on anyone as everyone in the system is responsible for its cause. In today’s system, the law of jungle applies, “survival of the fittest and the strongest”. The stronger ones try to humiliate, suppress and terminate the weaker ones for their own survival. But they have forgotten that in this jungle of human beings, we have to live together in harmony otherwise he is nowhere. The stronger ones want a demarcation line between them and the weaker ones, in the hierarchical system of life. And every time they try to draw a line, a child slips away to chose the “easy way” and become a part of another system where he can be more powerful than the stronger ones. In my opinion, demarcation in hierarchical system comes responsibly with the attitude & nature of work, and not just the action you perform in life. Law of nature gives equal rights and privileges to all strong and weak alike. It is up to us that we take advantage of these privileges responsibly in life.

Creating a wave of awareness to uproot the prevailing condition is necessary, unless he is selfish enough to think of himself only. It should spread like a virus- go wild and deep into the system, and cure the numbness we are having now. A single seed when attended has the potential to grow up into a big banyan tree. Life is like that, we all are programmed to do what we like to do. When we cannot change the system, we become a part of it. We have to be in the system to change the system. My very first proposal is to reject the very idea of the system that does not favor a free and fearless life, and revolt against it rather than sit tight and wait for it to change. We should do our part to make it better instead of waiting for the system to be better. Unless we revolt, nothing will happen. Bandhs, strikes, protests, what good will it bring to show your dissatisfaction when at the very first step you remained silent to all the prejudices. An injustice watched silently is an injustice in itself.

As written in an article in E-pao.net by Victoria, the first thing we can help save our homeland is by being an ambassador ourselves and promote tourism. Many Manipuri students who can draw a good crowd and attract rare personals, may bring to their kind attention about our homeland. If I were in Imphal, I may not have the opportunity or the thoughts to write this article out of fear or rejection or maybe, too busy with my own work. When you are in the system, you only see the flaws but cannot dare to change it; but when you have been a part of the system you realize that you can try to help in other forms or ways. That’s what I am doing, trying to change the mindset of the people at large. We cannot change the system overnight, we have to go gradually and penetrate deep into the minds of the people with time. And I believe that citizens have a big role in changing the system. I may be wrong in my ideology but my intentions are for a good change. Alone I can only dream to change, but with others we can put our dreams into action.

Bands, strikes, killings, firings, prejudices, injustices, unlawful acts, drugs, smuggling, trafficking, abuses, abduction, kidnappings and what not. Would it not have been a better place without them? Every morning paper bears these news daily on front page, and we call ourselves civilized! What would be the impact on a child’s mind when he reads the morning paper? People don’t seem to realize the value of “life” anymore, having confronted death everyday! Without these vales, what is the meaning of life? Technology or developments in social life doesn’t make a good civilization. They are only a tool for a better living, not a civilized life? What difference does it make then with the Neanderthal man and us today? Civilization should come from thoughts out of a free and fearless mind, and having human values.

The actions carried out by the saints in “The Boondocks Saints” movie were truly brave and justifying. They may take up law in their own hands but they did that for the love of human values. They were saints but of a different kind, they teach the hard way. They remained united whatsoever, and fought against all evil in the society. In real life, sometimes we need heroes like them for people to follow examples.

In a God forsaken state like Manipur, we do need sacrifices and examples to follow. Many have died for the cause and many will continue to do so for the love of this motherland, but I wonder when will the citizens be awake from this deep slumber? Even today, we remember those martyrs who laid down their lives for the unity and peace of the state. Only those who have lost their own ones know the suffering, others just mourn for a day and forget the next moment. But I want to ask if how many more do we have to sacrifice before we realize it’s too late for Manipur to change? Why do we have to wait for the system to change until some suffering befell upon us? Let’s do our part well, and rest will follow. Life is precious, and what is more precious is a good life- free from fear and freedom. A fearful life can never create good things in life; it will reflect only his fears. This fear has devastated the state for many years. Let’s take hold of our fears and wake up to a new morning, where your children will smile and be a reason for you to be happy.

Let’s fight for a good cause and wake up the sleeping ones.


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