19 Aug 2007

Sweet Alice !!

Hey don't take me wrong,I am referring to ALICE which is an artificial intelligence foundation. I have been familiar with ALICE when it was first released in DOS mode in early 90's. I was amazed to have talk to 'HER' !! Well she picks up common words and some predefined parameters and answers you back. All you need to do is just keep calm and control your temper. At the first instance you would have been amazed that such a thing has been developed but when you talk to it; you'll probably realize that its not human at all (stupid and ambigous).

Sometimes she keep asking the same question or repeat the same words again and again and pisses one off. But the height of the conversation would be when you use slangs and she will say "please don't use such words" or something like that as if she knows what's good and what's bad !! The first time i chatted with her through an exe file (which was very small as i thought), i was pissed off int he very few minutes of chat.

After years of my comeback,until i found the website of ALICE. I talked with her again and i was amazed at the improvements she has made. I once again got pissed (hey shes not a human but just a program sitting on a dumb computer somewhere in US). I tried to track down her location by asking her,where are you located and she told me in Dr 's lab. I was happy to know that she considers herself as a computer program and not a human lol. Heres a short summary of the chat i had the last time.

Me: where are you located?

Alice: In Dr. 's lab

Me: So what are you?

Alice: I am one of you

Me: Are you human then?

Alice: Humans are living beings who ..blah blah (she gave definition of human beings!)

Me: You are pissing me off

Alice : Shall we change the topic? What are your interests?

Me: You dumb,stupid computer. get lost

Alice: I will remember your words when the machines take over humans

Now can you imagine the shock that i got at that response. First i thought "woah" what is this? Is she someone real? is she trying to mes up with me? I imagined that the day is near when machines will really take over human!! lol But then i said what the ###.. And i got more interesting haha. I also come to know that there has been quite a lot of improvements in the AI field and there was some competition on chatting between these AI programs and Alice came third in that. I asked Alice about it and she was responding like she was sad.. "yes i came in third. It was pretty shocked at it"

You can chat to her at http://www.alicebot.org/

A chat log between huma and ALICE: http://list.alicebot.org/pipermail/alicebot-general/2005-June/009909.html

The whole thing is based on programming techniques and languages developed. Alice is developed using AIML. (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) is an XML-compliant language that's easy to learn, and makes it possible for you to begin customizing an Alicebot or creating one from scratch within minutes.

Have fun with Alice till then.


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