21 Aug 2007

Chak de North East!!

...yehi musibat rehti hai
north-east ki taazgi
inki aan, baan aur shaan hai
dono chup chup rehti hain
par ye hi team ki jaan hain
Molly Zimik

(lyrics in song "ek hockey dungi main rakhke")

After the flop and most controversial release of "Tango Charlie" due to its lack of research on North East, Bollywood has come up with new results. In the newly released "Chak de India", two players that played the role of players in the movie are from Manipur and Mizoram respectively. Yes, you got it right..Manipur and Mizoram. Though i haven't seen the movie i am happy to know that the rest of the country is slowly realizing the potential of North East people bit by bit.

In fact in National hockey team for girls,you will always find two or three players from North East especially Manipur. In women's football team,there are few rooms for other state players to be in the team!! Manipur is shining,and the best part is that other states have begun to recognize it . Northeast people, with its different ethnic looks and different living and eating habits make them stand out before others. many mistook them (us) for Nepali,Chinese,Japanese,Koreans and sometimes worse!! I doubt there may not be a single person from NE which have not been mistook en to be from another place!!

With IIM(coming up in Shillong),NIT(Silchar and new one coming up in Manipur),IIT (Guwahati), RIMS (Regional Institute of Medical Sciences in Imphal) ,CDCC (formerly CEDTI in Imphal) and many other premier institutes like St Mary,St Josephs (in Shillong) ..North East is not so far away from the rest of the country in terms of technology and development . People of North East have always been excellent in any kind of sports..be it hockey,football,tae kwondo,weight lifting,boxing or something else

The NE Girls (Three Cheers!!)

Molly Zimik,( Manipur)

Mary Ralte, (Mizoram)

Short Description about their role:

The talented hockey duo from the North East. Their school books taught them that they are Indians but Indians taught them otherwise. The only reason they play for the National team is that it is the only National team they can play for. They would love to belong but not to the team that calls them 'foreign', and definitely not to the people that call them 'loose'. So they stick together and play. For the love of the game and the honour of their people.

courtesy: http://chakde-india.com/
images: http://www.apunkachoice.com

Chak de North East!! Chak de India!!
Keep it up...keep your head high.


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