21 Aug 2007

Slipstreming Windows [What is it?]

In simple words Slipstreaming is a method by which you get a Windows updated installation files. Basically we install Windows using an installer and update it regularly. Now, if we want to make an installable Windows version with all the latest updates we use Slipstreaming. It basically reverse engineers all the system files and updates and makes it a Windows installable version like the original one you had installed with,only with the latest updates.

Basically when you apply updates,it patches or adds files to the system folder and registry entries [at \system32 folder]. When you slipstream it,all the new system files and registry [inf,reg files] are included in i386 folder of the windows installation file.

Now do you still wonder how one has Windows CD,Windows with SP1 CD or Windows with SP2 cd?? I doubt not!!


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